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About Us

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Shape your digital future with a data center campus that offers industry leading tax advantages in a business friendly state, with Chicagoland connectivity, and a commitment to sustainable solutions that transform your business and data center environment.

We are building an efficient, powerful, and environmentally sustainable data center campus twelve fiber miles from downtown Chicago. The site offers a blanket sales tax exemption for up to 50 years on all your IT hardware, software, and electricity, with no minimum investment threshold. This provides a total cost of ownership advantage for our customers, that is up to 20% better than any of our competitors.

Our Mission

To provide the fastest, most reliable and efficient data center infrastructure for enterprise, cloud and colocation clients.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create a cost-efficient and long-term infrastructure that combines speed to market with 100% up time. In the way that railroads and highways connect at crossroads across our country, our data center is Digital Crossroad for connectivity and digital infrastructure.

Acres of Recycled Landfill Material Used In Development

Cubic Yards of Recycled Concrete Repurposed for Development


Percent Tax Abatement

MW Scalable Deployments for Wholesale and Retail Applications

Acres of Recycled Landfill Material Used In Development

Cubic Yards of Recycled Concrete Repurposed for Development


Percent Tax Abatement

MW Scalable Deployments for Wholesale and Retail Applications

Our Team

Thomas Dakich

Managing Member

Tom’s 35 years of practice has centered on the development of telecommunications and data centers, including more than $500 million in transactions from sales or mergers of companies domestic and international. Tom has represented and been a part of the legal and development teams that own urban data centers throughout the world, including the Quinby Building in Los Angeles, GNO TeleHouse in London, various entities in Indianapolis and New York City.

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Tom’s broad ranged expertise includes labor, city, state and federal government negotiations. Including Tax Incentives, P3 partnerships and development. He has substantive legal experience in telecommunications and construction, including 20 years of experience serving as the Secretary and General Counsel for TK6, Inc./CES International, Inc. and General Counsel GEMCO Constructors, LLC.

Tom resides in Indianapolis and has worked from offices in London, Sydney, Tampa, Chicago, San Francisco and New York. He graduated from Wabash College and the Indiana University School of Law.

Bill Winsininski

Executive Consultant

Bill is an experienced authority in every aspect of the data center ecosystem, including finance, technology, infrastructure, and operations.  Bill has been in the Information Technology industry and brings 20 years of data center sales experience to Digital Crossroad.  Bill’s holistic understanding of all aspects of this sector offers a perspective and authority, illustrated by both the business relationships he has developed and revenue he has generated. Bill in collaboration with his…

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…teams have leased over 40 mW of data center space and power.

Bill launched into his career, spending five years in the United States Navy as a Search and Rescue Swimmer during operation Desert Shield and working directly for the Admiral of the 6th Fleet.  He was forward deployed in the Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf, which provided experience with mission critical operations, quality controls and technology.  That background proved ideal in the eight years he spent with Imprint Data Center solutions, a data center design build company.  Bill served in a variety of capacities of increasing responsibility, culminating in Vice President of Sales.  He helped launch 365 Main Data Centers into 17 Markets and led teams across the country.  He then went on to Bytegrid Data Centers as VP of Sales and GM, leading the sales efforts and building a 400,000 sf data center in downtown Cleveland.  Most recently Bill was Director of Sales for QTS Data Centers where he was hired to pre-lease, staff and launch the new QTS Chicago Mega Data Center.

Bill is the founding member of ONLIGHT Aurora, a community fiber services provider developed to help improve economic development and business climate in Aurora IL.  He was the Chairman of the Board for the Aurora Chamber of Commerce.  He is currently President of the Chicago AFCOM Chapter and has been Communications Director of the 7×24 Lake Michigan Region Chapter for 4 years.  He is a proud Infrastructure Mason and a member of the Veteran’s Committee.  In addition, he is Co-Founder and CEO of Cofluence, LLC and the Data Center Sellers Association an organization founded to help data center sales professionals develop and integrate into their communities.

A California native, Bill is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley.  He lives in Geneva, Illinois, with his wife Elizabeth and their 11 year-old twins Cameron and Caroline.

Tim Trible

Director of Construction

Tim was initiated into the construction industry from the very onset of his career, at 16 years old. From construction plumbing to mechanical construction, he moved quickly through the ranks to lead the Special Projects Division and the Service Division at Poole & Kent, the 2nd largest mechanical contractor in the US, at the time. Tim has accumulated 25 years of Mission Critical experience coupled with 43 years of design and construction expertise, ….

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…starting in starting in 1997 where he managed 6 Project Managers over 30 projects, as part of Global Crossing’s acquisition team in the eastern United States build out. Since then he has been exclusively immersed in development and delivery within this vertical, working for Digital Realty, Global Crossing, NV Energy, Cyrus One, Netrality Properties. Most recently he led the construction and development of a 550,000 square foot data center project for at Aligned Energy in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tim is an associate at OVERWATCH Mission Critical, which offers both Strategic Data Center Consulting as well as state of the art Owners Representation services dedicated to the Mission Critical and Telecom Industries. He has served in numerous leadership roles in his career and secured a proven delivery track record, ensuring that all projects are completed on time, within budget, and fully adherent to all project and client specifications. He delivers with impactful precision in project management, operations, strategic planning, policy and procedural development.

Digital Crossroad data center delivers industry leading energy productivity and resource efficiency, increasing client value and lowering the cost of ownership.

Jeffrey Whitehead

Special Counsel

Jeff Whitehead’s legal practice has focused specific on legal and strategic contract management, negotiation of contracts, documents and agreements and regulatory submissions and approvals involving courts, municipalities and large multi-national companies. Jeff’s work with the team has focused on Indiana and Illinois, regulatory issues, rail and road rights-of-way, telecommunications licensing, employee and HR Document preparation and review. As well as…

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City, State and Federal filings, applications, RFI’s, and reporting.

Angela Arriaga

Senior Administrator – Comptroller

Angela brings 18 years of business operations and finance to Digital Crossroads. Prior to Digital Crossroads, Angela coordinated all aspects of IT and Administration at Earles Architecture. In addition, Angela held finance and operation responsibilities for the City of Hammond, including enterprise and tax zone, The Mayor’s office, community development, Enterprise zone, federal grants, payroll and business outreach programs.

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Angela is a cum laude graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University.

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