Data Center Services

Wholesale Colocation

Fit-out ready data center capacity with commissioned power and provisioned dark fiber. Our data centers are ready to be customized to meet your specific needs, offering you unmatched convenience, speed and cost advantages.

Lowest TCO

Reduce your total cost of ownership with our move-in ready data center powered shell, complete with backplane and network infrastructure.


Engineered with the latest, most efficient electrical and mechanical systems, our data centers have a design PUE of 1.15 and support your sustainability initiatives.


Multi-layered access controls and security protocols are in place and tested including perimeter fencings, hardened facilities, on-site guard staff and campus-wide surveillance.


Dedicated on-site substations and dark fiber assets on multi-building campuses enable you to scale your digital operations with confidence.


With almost two centuries of expertise deploying scale data center assets for Fortune 100 clients globally, we have the team to help you rapidly scale your IT infrastructure.


From contracting to commissioning, we work alongside your team to structure a relationship that meets the ever changing needs of your organization.


We design our data centers to Tier III standards and engineer all core systems to be concurrently maintainable, ensuring your mission-critical applications are online 24x7x365.


As a client, you will have access to a self-service portal, which allows you to see power and network capacity and consumption as well as order the services you require.

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