Digital Crossroad Hammond Indiana Data Center

DX-1 Specs

Address 100 Digital Crossroads Drive
Hammond, Indiana 46302
Campus 15 Acres (77-acre total campus)
Building 102,068 Total Gross SF - 100,755 Gross SF (1st floor), 1,313 Gross SF (2nd floor)
Available IT Space 70,000 SF - two data halls; can accommodate up to 2,000 racks
Office Space 870 SF
Storage Space 1,533 SF - two storage rooms
Utility 15kV service to building, dedicated on-site substation
UPS 12 MW critical, 18MW total install, 3MW available as of 10/2020; 9MW critical (future); 1,500kW Mitsubishi UPS systems, Eaton Switchgear
Backup (2)MV 3,250kW, (2) LV 3,250 kW, (1) LV 1,000kW mechanical generator
Design PUE Initial 3MW total annualized PUE of 1.3; mechanical PUE is 1.13 when utilizing lake water; 9MW (future) expansion total annualized PUE of 1.2; mechanical PUE is 1.12 when using Munters Sycool system
Density ~170 watts/SF
SLA 100% uptime
Carrier-Neutral Yes
Primary Route 1,000+ strands of owned/operated dark fiber metro network; POP at 350 E. Cermak (DLR/Equinix)- access to 80+ carriers
Secondary Route 200+ strands of dark fiber exiting westside of campus connecting to Comcast ethernet and Wide Open West (WOW) dark/lit services
Communication Vaults Campus-wide vault network comprised of 7 geographically diverse communication vaults
On Net Carriers Zayo, Cogent, NYI (New York Internet), Comcast
Near Net Carriers ATT, Windstream, US Signal, CenturyLink
Services Cross-connects, Dedicated Internet Access, Cloud Connect, Dark Fiber, Private Network Connect
Support 24/7 NOC
Fire Detection VESDA
Fire Suppression Multi-zone, dry pipe, pre-action
Cooling N+2 Direct Expansion (DX), Outside Air and Water Side Economizing modes; N+1 for every 3MW deployed (future)using Munters Sycool system
Leak Detection Rope-style
Perimeter Fencing Yes
Biometric Finger, multiple locations
Guard Staff 24/7
Surveillance HD Video, off-site storage
Mantraps Yes
AICPA SOC2 Type 2 In Progress
HIPAA In Progress
PCI In Progress
Shipping & Receiving Yes
Loading Docks Yes
Kitchenette Yes
Conference Rooms Yes, reserved
Portal Yes
Customer Access 24/7
Support Services Remote Hands, Smart Hands